INCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT The LIGHTEST regulator in the world, combined weight of the Atomic T25 first & second stage is under 1.8 pounds (yoke version). T25 FIRST STAGE FEATURES Precision-machined from solid Titanium alloy billet. Anniversary T25 engraving.… - Read More

US$ 2,799.95

ATOMIC B2 FIRST AND SECOND STAGE SKU: YOKE BLACK:03-0027-3P, YOKE SEALED BLACK:03-0027-6P, DIN BLACK:03-0027-4P, DIN SEALED BLACK:03-0027-7P MAP: $729.95 Our most popular model with the perfect combination of comfort, performance and style.… - Read More

US$ 799.95

ATOMIC T3 FIRST AND SECOND STAGE ATOMIC AQUATICS’ SIGNATURE REGULATOR SKU: YOKE:03-0100-6P, DIN:03-0100-7P MAP: $1749.95 The T3 is Atomic Aquatics’ signature regulator. The T3 is for divers who want the absolute finest regulator on the market,… - Read More

US$ 2,099.95

HOLLIS 150LX+DC7 An additional regulator being added to the Hollis Regulator line is the 150LX, similar in design to the 200LX but without the PVD Plating. The 150LX delivers great performance at a moderate price. This second stage is paired with the… - Read More

US$ 519.95

LX SERIES REGS The 200LX + DCX Regulator is our flagship regulator; designed for extreme environments. Every feature and detail of this new product provides you with the confidence of 40 years of manufacturing life support systems. The 200LX can be converted… - Read More

US$ 689.95

TUSA S790 REGULATOR The RS-790 delivers performance, durability and comfort making it the ideal choice for discerning divers.The R-700 is a balanced diaphragm first stage designed for cold-water use, it features a dry ambient… - Read More

US$ 519.00

Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator Why Monel?The M1 employs state-of-the-art metals specifically chosen for extreme diving situations. Monel parts are used internally in the first stage for high strength, corrosion-resistance and oxygen compatibility. 316… - Read More

US$ 799.95