$3071 Swim up, Ocean View Suite

$2749 Ocean View Suite

$2749 Swim Up, Pool View Suite

$2549 Pool View Suite


Please note that all rates are for a double occupancy room.

Subtract $300 per person from the above rates for a non diver.

Add $200 to the above rates per person for a room to yourself!

Check out the resort, http://www.secretsresorts.com/aura-cozumel

Sign up in store or over the phone 916.850.1145





Fisheye Scuba hosts a variety of scuba trips to various destinations around the world.   We work through a bonded travel agent that specializes in scuba vacations to provide you with the opportunity to dive some of the best places possible.  We do all the planning and decision making for you, just sign up and let us handle the rest for you.   Click on the links below for more information about our upcoming trips.

We have local dive events happening at various places and times throughout the year.     Everyone is welcome and the cost is usually FREE.       Please RSVP for these events so we can plan accordingly